Meet The Sales Team

Patrick John Mallon

Danny Baridzi

Chris Garufu


Patrick Mallon is a seasoned veteran of the security industry with over 34 years experience.

Patrick started his career in the security industry with Safeguard in 1988. Having risen through the ranks he went on to establish PJM Security Installations. An expert in all Electronic Security Systems namely Access Control Systems, CCTVs and Intrusion Detection Systems, Patrick is also an adept at physical security barriers installations. A savvy businessman Patrick continues to use his wealth of experience in the security sector and business acumen to keep clients satisfied and crime at bay.

Danny Baradzi has over 11 years experience within the security installations industry.

Danny is passionate about electronic security systems and is an IDS specialist. With experience installing Alarms, CCTV, Fences, Access Control Systems, Boom Gates, Electric Gates, Razor Wire, and Garage Doors. He is a reliable, professional and experienced burglar deterrer.

Chris Garufu has been in the installations sector for over 8 years.

He has vast experience in building security systems that effectively keep intruders at bay. Chris has a deep understanding of physical barriers such as Fences, Boom Gates, Electric Gates, Razor Wire, Garage Doors, Xpanda and TrelliDor. Chris is also an expert in alarm systems, CCTVs and Access Control Systems. A smooth operator with an eye for detail.   

Wellington joined PJM Security Installations in 2016.

He is our resident expert in physical security barriers including all Xpanda and TrelliDor products. He is also installs alarm systems, CCTVs and Access Control Systems, Fences, Boom Gates, Electric Gates, Razor Wire and Garage Doors. Wellington is a true any-man job as long as the job is security installations.